Peter's Friends

will be a one-stop solution where dogs and cats will be vetted, fed, loved, and cared for while awaiting adoption.

Ayla’s Acres No-Kill Animal Rescue was established to create ideal solutions to the heart-wrenching problems of abandonment, overpopulation, and euthanization of 30,000 animals each year in Northeast Florida.

Future Plan

Ayla’s Acres is building Peter’s Friends Animal Resource Center, a 17-acre property in St. Johns County, which will be a facility of far-reaching consequence for our community. Peter’s Friends will provide Northeast Florida with a modern, clean, and compassionate campus. The campus will provide rescue; shelter; adoption; low-no-cost spay, neuter, and vaccinations for dogs and cats; and an educational center to accommodate thousands of children and adult groups each year.

Peter’s Friends will provide large, light, clean kennels; an exercise arena; and an adoption center where families can meet and spend time with their potential pet. Ayla’s Acres' proactive adoption process (application, interview, vet and reference checks, and home visits) will help to assure proper placement of animals into new and loving homes. Half of our housing will be set aside to assist with the care and adoption of senior dogs and cats. Peter’s Friends will be a one-stop solution where dogs and cats will be vetted, fed, loved, and cared for while awaiting adoption.

Peter’s Friends' on-site veterinary clinic will help confront the problem of animal overpopulation head on by offering low-to-no-cost spaying, neutering, and vaccinations to the animals of our community.

But veterinary care is only part of the solution to controlling animal overpopulation and health issues. Education is essential. For that reason, Peter’s Friends’ education center will meet the highest standards of animal education and community outreach and will be a magnet for all. Visitors will learn about the importance of spay and neuter in the battle against animal overpopulation, as well as pointers and time-tested methods on how to take care of animals in the home.

In addition to the animal care programs, we will have dedicated areas for picnicking, dog walking trails, a memorial orchard and vegetable garden, and tile memorial and celebration walls where contributors may memorialize their pets with photos and remembrances.

Ayla’s Acres No-Kill Animal Rescue will provide support for animals and the families that love them.

We rely on the kindness of our community - Get involved today!

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