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Ways You Can Help

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Want to Become a Foster?

Ayla's Acres is in desperate need of foster homes.
The more fosters we have, the more lives we can save!


If you have ever considered fostering a dog or a cat, and would like more information on how you can become a temporary foster home to an animal in need, please read our FAQ below.

The more foster families we have, the more animals we can save. Every foster family we have available equals another animal saved. One of the most depressing aspects of animal rescue is having to turn down a potential rescue because we have nowhere to put it. This happens more often that we would like. Our goal is to create a bank of foster families that we may reach out to anytime we bring an animal into our system.

Before Every Forever Home There Is a Foster Family!

Ayla’s Acres No-Kill Animal Rescue is a foster-based rescue. Our rescues live with a foster family until adopted. We feel that housing our animals awaiting adoption with foster families gives them a chance to receive the love, security, and stability that they will find in their forever home. Quite simply, a foster is preparing an animal for its “happily ever after.

The decision to welcome a dog or cat into your home is a big one. We often hear a lot of the same questions and statements about fostering and would like to address them for you here. Please read through them and, if after thinking about it you decide you would like to be a foster for Ayla's Acres No-Kill Animal Rescue, please fill out one of the following applications below:


Fostering FAQ (click on question to expand answer)

1Why does Ayla’s Acres No-Kill Animal Rescue, Inc. (Ayla’s Acres) use animal fosters?
A foster home environment enables the animals to learn what to expect in their furever home. Housebreaking, climbing stairs, navigating screens, etc. can be learned while living in a home. Even after Ayla’s Acres Animal Resource Center is built and being utilized, we will continue to use fosters.
2What qualifications do I need to be an animal foster?
A foster applicant can complete an application at We will call your references and your veterinarian. If the applicant has pets, they must be spayed/neutered and must be up to date on vaccines and heartworm medication (if applicable). When these criteria are met, we place the animal in the home that is the best fit for the animal and the foster.
3Who pays for a foster animal’s food, vet care, supplies, etc.?
Ayla’s Acres pays for all expenses covering the foster animal. This includes food, supplies, vet care, etc. If a foster wants to pay the animal’s expenses to help Ayla’s Acres, we welcome it.
4How long is an animal foster commitment?
Ayla’s Acres negotiates the commitment with the foster before the animal is put into a foster home. We try limiting the number of transitions for the animal by placing an animal in a foster home that can accept the animal until it’s adopted. However, if a foster needs a break, we’ll find a new foster home for the animal he/she has been fostering. We ask that the foster allows Ayla’s Acres time to make this happen.
5I don’t think I can foster because I will want to adopt every animal I foster.
We all become attached to animals we foster. You wouldn’t be a good foster if you didn’t feel some attachment. We take careful steps to make it easier for a foster to let the animal go to a new home. Ayla’s Acres checks references, veterinarian records and housing accommodations on anyone who is adopting an animal from us. We only adopt the animal to a furever home, if we truly believe it is a good fit for the animal. By fostering animals, you are saving lives. When an animal that you have been fostering finds a new home, it opens another opportunity for another animal in need to be fostered. You are also able to adopt animals that you foster.
6I already have animals of my own. Can I still be an Ayla’s Acres animal foster?
Yes. Your animals must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines and heartworm medication. Ayla’s Acres will visit and look at your home environment and the animal needing to be fostered. We do our best to fit the right foster animal into your home.
7What happens if I must leave town during the time a foster animal is in my care?
Ayla’s Acres will find a house sitter acceptable to you to stay in your home while you are gone.
8What happens if Ayla’s Acres cannot find a foster family for an animal?
We must have a foster home secured before accepting an animal. If we can’t fine a foster home, we must decline to bring the animal into our system.
9How does Ayla’s Acres promote animals that are ready for adoption?
Ayla’s Acres promotes animals ready for adoption in several ways. Every animal is posted on our website, the Ayla’s Acres Facebook page, Instagram and PetFinder (a national pet adoption registry). Our animals attend adoption events so that people can meet them. The Ayla’s Acres Advocate, our quarterly newsletter, promotes animals available for adoption. We also create promotional videos and posters.
10I have small children. Can I still foster?
Yes. Ayla’s Acres assesses each animal prior to placing it in a foster home. The appropriate animal would be placed into a home with small children.
11I have a teenager. Can they earn community service hours by fostering?
Yes, a teenager in a fostering home may perform foster care duties for community service credit. The requirements: • A parent must do the recordkeeping for the foster care hours the teenager works. • “Work” may not be just companionship that the teen shares with the animal. Work that counts toward community service: feeding; walking the animal; litter box maintenance or other sanitary cleanup; other tasks directly necessary for the animal’s safety and welfare. • The primary foster person must be 25 years of age or older.
12How do I apply to become an animal foster?
Complete our Foster Application!

Looking to volunteer?

Ayla's Acres is always adding volunteers to our family. Currently, we are in need of volunteers to help at our Thrift Store located at 413 Anastasia Blvd in St. Augustine.

If you have that special love for animals and the time to devote to the Ayla's Acres cause as a volunteer, we offer a variety of volunteer options. Help us in our thrift store, work at our adoption events, transport animals, stuff envelopes – the list goes on. We hold periodic volunteer meetings, which allow our team to stay up to date, exchange ideas, and socialize.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete our Volunteer Application Form and we will contact you. You will be contacted in the event that help is needed in the areas of interest you have checked.